Delivery Times

The most common question we are asked here at WatchTHAT is, “When will my order be delivered?” Delivery times are determined by combining both the order processing & shipping times together. Order processing takes 1-3 days to complete (this is typically less than 24hrs however it can extend up to 3 days during peek periods). This is also the only part of the delivery process that WatchTHAT can directly influence. Shipping times (set by freight companies) can vary greatly and are dependent on where you are situated in the world as well as peak periods.

Please take all of these factors into consideration should you be ordering a watch for a specific date or event. If your completed order does not arrive within the suggested delivery time period please contact us and we will assist you.

The below table outlines some estimated delivery times that will help you to plan for any WatchTHAT future order arrivals.


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